Looking for an easy way for your child to burn off some energy? This 45 minute open non-structured time is for just that! Open to all ages, dividing into Toddler Playdate (1-3 year olds) and Open Gym (4-12 year olds) by utilizing both the gym and blue gyms if necessary. Students can play and explore or practice and perfect the skills they have learned in their class. Children ages 1-3 will need an accompanying adult. Adults are not permitted on any gymnastics equipment. Pre-registration is required. $10 each child/each visit. The credit card on file will be charged during or shortly after the play date.

Unfortunately the dates are sometimes not in chronological order, so if you do not find the date you are looking for, keep scrolling. Sorry for this inconvenience!



*NEW! Similar to an Open Gym, but with structure, instruction and focus on learning new gymnastics skills. Instructors will be on hand to teach progressions and proper technique for skills your child would like to learn during this 45 minute Skill Clinic. Cartwheels, walkovers, handsprings, hip circles, name it, let's work on it! Pre-registration is required. $20 per clinic. For 5-12 year olds.